Ukraine is at war! Our regular programs and initiatives have been disrupted by the illegal and unjustified Russian invasion of Ukraine. We have now pivoted our activities to providing support for internally displaced persons and the Ukrainian Army.

Thanks to the support of our partners from other cities, we established efficient logistics for delivery of humanitarian aid involving warehouses and transportation hubs in the following cities:

  • Przemyśl (Poland)
  • Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
  • Stryy (Lviv region, Ukraine)
  • Bar (Vinnytsia region, Ukraine)
  • Voznesensk (Mykolaiv region, Ukraine)
  • Kyiv (Ukraine)

We ask for your financial support to buy the following urgently requested humanitarian aid items and medical supplies for our military and internally displaced persons:

  • tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads and mats, backpacks, flashlights, power banks;
  • clothing and shoes;
  • First Aid Kits;
  • gasoline for transportation needs

We ask for your financial support for these initiatives! Your donations will enable us to purchase humanitarian aid items and cover related transportation costs.

Make your donation:

Thank you for your support!
Together we will prevail!